First Aid Response (FAR)

This course is the new standard to replace OFA.

Following on from previous communications, the HSA is now in a position to announce that as and from 31st December 2017, it will only recognise the PHECC First Aid Response Education and Training Standard (FAR) as meeting the needs of occupational first aid (OFA) in all workplaces.
to this ‘Since the 1st June 2018, the HSA only recognises the PHECC FAR standard as meeting the needs of occupational first aid in workplaces.’

This course is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be a First Aid Responder.

Following the FAR course participants should be able to:

  • Deal with life-threatening or potentially life-threatening conditions until the arrival of emergency medical services
  • Provide an adequate response for conditions not thought to be life-threatening but are necessary to prevent further harm before the emergency medical services arrive
  • Provide first-aid in a wide range of environments including the workplace, home and recreational settings
  • Display the requisite personal skills including composure, competence and self-confidence while understanding their limitations
  • Course Duration- 3 days 9:30am- 4:30pm
  • Course outline:

Day 1

  • Patient Assessment
  • Incident Procedure
  • CFR

Day 2

  • Common Medical Emergencies
  • Injury Management
  • Care of the unconscious patient
  • Skills Practise & Assessment

Day 3

  • Burns & Electrical Injury
  • Hyopthermia & Hyperthermia
  • Information Management
  • Communications
  • Well being of the First Aid Response
  • Test & Assessment of outstanding skills

This course consists of practical skills assessment and a written 20 question exam. Participants must attain 60% in all assessments in order to achieve certification. Max group size of 8 participants

On completion of this course participants will receive a certificate  and it will need to be updated every two years.