Fire Safety Awareness Training

This course is aimed at raising awareness of Fire Hazards and Risks and to train people how to react safely in the event of an emergency fire. This course is delivered online through e-learning or all in person.

At Responsive Training, the Fire Safety Awareness course imparts the essential knowledge and skills to you and your co-workers to take preventive fire managing measures and how to act safely in the event of a fire.

From identifying the nature, cause, and behaviour of the fire to ensuring self-safety and mitigating the spread of the fire, the course follows a comprehensive step-by-step outline for fire safety awareness.

Develop a culture of safety and empower yourself and your staff with fire safety awareness.

Fire Safety Awareness Training, Responsive Training
Course Duration- 1.5 hours

Course Content

  • The nature of Fire
  • The Law
  • Fire hazards and risk
  • Fire Prevention at work
  • Case Study
  • Local Fire procedures
  • Fire Triangle
  • How to select and use a portable fire extinguisher safely

On completion participants will receive a certificate of attendance from Responsive Training.